Thursday, May 5, 2011

planes... trains.... and automobiles...

...would be what I could call the trip I just went on.
Or I could call it ... EAT,PLAY,EAT!!!
Either way it was magnificent!! We first flew to PARIS where we spent 3 days seeing the sights of that grand city. Then took a train to the SOUTH OF FRANCE to stay with friends. While we were there they were kind enough to let us borrow their car so we could spend a few days driving through the beautiful PROVENCE.
We then took another train to BARCELONA, SPAIN. It more than exceeded our expectations! Then alas, we flew back home to the real world.
I don't think I can cover it all in one post so I won't even try.
I think I'll break it up into 3 separate posts for each of the 3 places we stayed.
But for now... here are some of the highlights and lowlights:
Lowlights(from the beginning)....
  • The weather forecast said rain pretty much everyday.
  • Angie didn't make the flight to Philly (it got full-we were standby)
  • Angie's luggage didn't make it to Paris.
  • Our hotel in Paris was under renovation.

  • The free wi-fi didn't make it all the way up to the 4th floor so we had to sit in the lobby everynight to get online.
  • The first night we got to the gelato shop 10 minutes after it closed.
  • We got to Laudaree's 2 minutes after it closed.
  • Meals take forever because the service is so slow!!!!
  • Our train to Spain was delayed causing us to misconnect.
  • Our taxi didn't show up to take us to the train station.
  • Our hotel was 'just minutes' from the wrong train station.
  • We didn't get to actually touch RPatz.
  • Our trip came to an end.

Now for the highlights...
  • We had perfect weather every single day!!!!!!!!
  • Angie made it to Philly in time for our flt to Paris!!!
  • We got first class on our flt to Paris!!!
  • Angie's bag made it the next day!!!!
  • Our hotel in Paris was great!!!

  • We got plenty of Gelato while there!!
  • We got macaroons from Laudaree's!!
  • The food was to die for!!!!!!!
  • We got to the train station just in time, everytime!!!!!!
  • We found a great hotel the second night in Barcelona!!!
  • Arrived home safe and sound!!!!!!!!


Nellie said...

Karen, ok, are you always traveling because you work for the airlines? What a fun trip! I want to come with you some time, I could do eat, play, eat, really well. Bruce and I are cruising there next fall so I would love to hear more details about your trip so keep posting. I miss you---

karen said...

I miss you too my little, sweet, beautiful friend!!!

Alissa & Mckay said...

oh my gosh your blog is making me SOOOO HUNGRY!